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There are, it may seem, so many kinds of languages in the world, and none of them is without significance. Therefore, if I do not know the meaning of the language, I shall be a foreigner to him who speaks, and he who speaks will be a foreigner to me. (I Corinthians 14:10-11 NKJV)

Have you ever felt as if you, or someone you are in a relationship with, were speaking different languages? You are!

What may appear to be marriage, management, racial, gender, class, or other diversity issues can simply be a communication issue because of differing "Life Languages."
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7LifeLanguages™ and the Kendall Life Languages Profile™ (KLLP) helps:
• To better understand yourself and why you respond/react as you do
• Overcome communication challenges with others
• Individuals, couples, teams, and organizations reach their full potential through effective communication and character development

The KLLP™ is a communication analysis:
• Not a personality or psychological testing instrument
• Tested on thousands of individuals globally
• Not based on age, race, gender, nationality, or ethnicity
• Corresponds to the 7 motivational giftings of Romans 12
• Can be used by secular or faith people
• The multi-page visual report is easily understood and applied

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