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Waiver of Liability
• I declare that I am entering into this ministry arrangement of my own free will.
• I understand that during these ministry sessions I may be confronting inner feelings and emotions, which could cause emotional pain.
• I understand that I will be seeing trained Personal Prayer Ministers who will listen, support, encourage, pray with, and minister to me, to help me overcome my problems and to grow in my Christian life. I accept that they are not licensed psychologists (although they may or may not belong to a counselling association), and that they minister according to principles of the Christian Bible.
• I understand that, at any time, either myself, or my Personal Prayer Ministers may refuse to engage in further communications and/or ministry and be free to terminate sessions with no further ministry, or obligation on anyone’s part.
• I accept that I may be referred to other sources of ministry or counselling.
• I acknowledge that all ministry is happening in the region of Ottawa, Canada for all legal purposes.
• I acknowledge that ministry is under the direction and control of the Holy Spirit, and that no guarantees are made, nor can be made, by anyone or any organization, that I will or will not receive any particular healing. Thus, I waive all rights to claims of liability.

Waiver of Confidentiality
• I am aware that statements that I shall make are of a confidential nature, including all written information, and that ethically this may not be disclosed without my written consent.

However, I waive my right to “complete” confidentiality in the following situations:
• I accept and acknowledge that Pastors, Counselors, Personal Prayer Ministers or any other persons involved in working with individuals in a helping setting, are either encouraged or required by law to disclose to the appropriate authorities, any harm or potential harm that a person may attempt or desire to do to himself/herself (such as suicide), or to others.
• I accept and acknowledge that they are also required to report any reasonable suspicion of abuse that has been done, or that is currently being done to a minor child.

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