Welcome to Personal Prayer Ministry!


Welcome to our website!

We love seeing lives transformed! We work together as a husband and wife team, as prayer ministers and healing prayer facilitators, ministering the love of Christ to hurting individuals. We meet with people from all backgrounds, whether Protestant, Catholic, non-denominational or still seeking. With God, all things are possible!

Personal Prayer Ministry is a blended Christian ministry for individuals of all backgrounds who are seeking focused spiritual help to overcome life’s hurts, in a gentle, compassionate manner.
• It is
personal: it is ministry to a hurting individual in a personal, caring manner
• It is
prayer: it is focused prayer through which the living Christ touches deep hurts
• It is
ministry: it is serving another individual in the spirit and love of Christ

Personal Prayer Ministry includes discussion and healing prayer into the foundational areas of one’s life:
• generational/family of origin issues
• core beliefs
• emotional wounding/addictive patterns
• release from oppression

Personal Prayer Ministry employs focused questions and “listening prayer”:
• to unveil disempowering negative core beliefs
• resulting “structures” and life patterns,
• replacing ungodly core beliefs with empowering truths revealed by God

Personal Prayer Ministry is similar to what has been called “Pastoral Care Prayer Healing” or “Prayer Counseling.” We employ a blended approach, incorporating the experience of many years of pastoral ministry, as well as principles gleaned from such noted Christian counsellors and authors as John & Paula Sandford, Francis & Judith McNutt, Leanne Payne, Charles Kraft, Neil Anderson, Ed Smith, Karl Lehman, James Wilder, Andrew Miller and others. It is wonderful to see lives transformed by the living Christ!

We meet with individuals or couples for ministry sessions (see Appointment Requests on right):
• personally in the Ottawa, Ontario area
• via telephone or Skype for online long distance ministry sessions

Training schools and seminars are also offered to interested groups. We are also Certified Trainers for the
7 Life Language Profile, which has proven to be very helpful for many.

Please check out our website and feel free to email us (see below) if you have any questions.

May God bless you!

Roger & Sheila Rayner